10-Year Warranty
Asthma and Allergy Recommended / Go Green
Rated “GOLD” By The Carpet And Rug Institute
Awarded “Space Technology” Badge By The Space Foundation
Certified with the ECARF Seal Of Quality By The European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation

With its compact design and a choice of cap colors, Sirena Twister fits perfectly into any home or office interior. You can place your Sirena Twister virtually anywhere: nightstands, coffee tables, kitchen countertops, even on the floor!
Sirena Twister creates a swirling bath of water and gradually circulates the air around you purifying and refreshing it.
Sirena Twister can also be used as a nightlight. Long-lasting, 7-color LEDs illuminate the water to produce soft shimmering light which fills the room.
The combination of soothing hum and soft light effects makes Sirena Twister a perfect night-time companion.

Our German-made Turbo Brush is an air driven accessory that makes upholstery, stairs and even cars a breeze to clean. No electrical connection required as Sirena has plenty of power to drive this mini power head. Simply snap it to any Sirena wand and start cleaning!
Great for cleaning the pet hair from upholstery!
Air-driven by the powerful 1200W Sirena main motor.
Safe to use on soft mattresses, natural horse hair brush won’t scratch!
Sold separately! Ask your authorized Sirena dealer for availability.

Make your home smell great while using your Sirena Vacuum! Simply add a few drops of your favorite Sirena Fragrance directly into the water basin before cleaning.
4 different scents in the package: Pine, Tropical, Apple, Eucalyptus
Switch scents while vacuuming by injecting the new scent in the intake.
Eucalyptus is especially great for vaporizing the air to relieve nasal congestion.
Sold separately! Ask your authorized Sirena dealer for availability.

This bottle contains the freshness of the ocean. Adding just a capful of Ocean Breeze Deodorizer into the water before you start cleaning will help remove all unwanted odors from your home!
Removes pet, smoke, food, and other odors from the air.
Pet-friendly solution, pleasant fresh scent.
A large 16 oz. bottle will last for many cleaning sessions.
Sold separately! Ask your authorized Sirena dealer for availability.
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